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Here is a summary of a few of the projects my agent is working on placing. Of course Eternal Knights is not listed here since its got its own page:) Eternal Knights is in a 2nd and 3rd read with several editors and I hope to have news on it soon. It's the book that Berkley took to committee and it got booted because the upper mgt said they'd bought too many vamps:(

Purple Magic

This is actually an anthology with two other amazing authors. I am honored to be working on this with them!

One woman seeks her best friend, who is missing,and faces an evil like none she has ever known. One man, not wholly human, may be her only hope. But to earn his help, and save her friend, Joline Morris must enter a dark and erotic world where danger and passion collide. A world that will make her face her deepest fears before she finds salvation for herself and those she loves.
The Beast Within
Known only as 'Jag', he leads an army, the Knights of White, in the battle of good over evil, fighting the soulless Darkland Beasts who took his wife and his life. Saved by an immortal of mystical powers, he, too, is now immortal, destined to live with the vengeance he feels in his heart. He is torn between the beast stirring his soul and the goodness his mentor presses him to embrace.
But soon the true origins of the war being fought will become clear. For this is a battle of angels; Raphael, a protector of humanity, against, Cain, the fallen one, from the Underworld.
Cain will stop at nothing to take down his adversary, even bringing back Jag’s wife back to life in the form of forbidden temptation. His plan, to destroy the Knights, and conquer good with evil.
Now, Jag will find the one he lost, and their love will either lead him to the light or the ultimate darkness.

Not Dead Enough
Book One of a Series
By Lisa Renee Jones

We’ve all heard the stories. Tales told around camp fires and at slumber parties. Urban legends, myths, and yes, ghost stories. We go to the movies, begging to be scared. We buy the newest horror novel the minute it hits the shelves. We beg to be scared. Wanting fear. Needing it. Getting a high off the adrenaline rush of spine tingling terror. Convincing ourselves these dark things live only in the imagination…but that’s what evil wants us to think, thriving on our ignorance. Drinking innocence like fine wine. Waiting. Planning. Lurking in the shadows of existence with the poisonous of its presence and then targeting the souls of the defenseless for attack. Preying on the weak and using them to stalk those stronger.
And only one force stands between the hunted and the hunter.
Born with beauty meant to disguise the potency of their skills from those they hunt, they are the chosen seven. Women born into their destiny as part of magical genetic lines. These gifted seven are overseen by the Interworld Council, the ‘law’ ruling all things paranormal.
As ‘Guardians’ of the portals leading from one world to the next, these women are considered guardians of the unknowing humans, shielding them from the spirit world and fighting darkness. They are strong, possessing supernatural powers. They are the force that controls the lines dividing two worlds, the living and the dead. The barrier separating the spirits of the past from the physical bodies of today.
For in the otherworld, the realm between life and death, there is darkness beyond human comprehension. Sinister beings demanding to be seen and known. Yearning to take control of the living. Preying on those who believe them non-existent. There is only one way to stop their malicious intent to claim good as evil.
The Circle of Seven.
And now, one of those seven will face an enemy like no other. This Guardian, the daughter of the council’s leader, will be forced to align herself with a sworn enemy of her people…a vampire. For his brother wants to unite the dead and the undead, and this Guardian and vampire must stop them. This woman’s courage to forgive will become salvation, of herself and of life as we know it. And one man, a vampire, someone others consider an enemy, will become her bridge to the path called destiny.

The Walker Brother's Trilogy. Three wild and sexy brothers and the women who know how to tame them.

Book One - Power Play

Packed with sinister plots, and an array of characters, nothing is what it seems…

Julie Harrison is a high powered attorney who finds herself thrust into a dark world of murder, and greed. Her boss has gotten involved with some bad people and now people are dying. Julie doesn’t want to be next on the list. But answers don’t come easy when everyone has secrets…even the people who wear badges.
Sexy, ex-Navy SEAL, Luke Walker, is more than ready to play bodyguard. But Julie doesn’t want Luke’s protection. She wants distance. He broke her heart once, and she’s afraid he will do it again.
Luke intends to ensure Julie’s safety whether she likes it or not, and while he’s at it, he plans to win her heart. The problem is, Julie uses sex as an emotional shield. With circumstances keeping them ‘up close and personal’ can he resist the sizzling heat of their attraction long enough to find his way into her life? And can they stay alive when their enemies are many and the depth of deception only seems to dig deeper by the day?
In the end, Julie must see beyond the pain of her past and learn to trust Luke. For true love will be the key to surviving a dangerous web of evil.
Undercover Games
By Lisa Renee Jones

Two body guards. One male. One female. Both about to face the HOTTEST assignments of their lives!

Book One
Playing it HOT

The woman he can't have is the one he wants.... Sam has wanted Meagan from the moment he first set eyes on her. She is a sweet little contradiction that tempts him like no other. Her eyes say she wants him, but with words she lashes out at him. The man she doesn't like but can't resist.... When Sam comes to work for the record company she works for, Meagan tries to ignore him. He's far too much like her father. Yet every time she is around Sam, she feels as if she is sinking into a pool of deep, dark passion.
Danger delivers her to him ... Sam is called in to protect Meagan when and ex-employee begins stalking her. Now, forced into close quarters, their attraction becomes a physical addiction. Together they must face a madman, but for Sam, the biggest battle is the one to win Meagan's heart, not just her body

The shorter, e-version review: 4 stars RTBOOKCLUB, Susan Mobley
The strong heroine is matched with a hero who is wonderfully alpha. The sex scenes are written with class and gratifyingly hot sensuality, and the suspenseful tension is kept taut.

Book Two

Playing it EASY

Shelby Allen's company has been hired to protect Pro-Baseball pitcher Corey Evans from an obsessed stalker? Only she doesn't like athletes, having a bad past with one and only takes the job as a favor to Corey's manager. Corey Evans is feeling used and abused, having had his fame bubble burst as he realizes everyone sees him as a commodity. Especially women. When the two come together its like fire and ice. One minute they argue, the next they are playing the role of couple, and can't keep their hands off one another. Now, thrown together by circumstances, they must decide if they can trust one another, as they battle a stalker who as a hidden agenda. One that could turn deadly.

The e-version review: 4 stars RTBOOKCLUB, Susan Mitchell

Jones scorches the pages with this riveting blend of dark suspense, erotic sex and tender romance. The result is seductive and volatile!

Black Ops Series
Book One: Dangerous Illusions

Amanda Marquest is more than a CIA Operative. She is a brilliant scientist, as was her mother. It is this gift that makes her a risk to a man she will later learn is her father. A man who operates on the opposite side of the law. And a man whose identity her mother has kept from her. A secret that ended her mother’s life and now puts Amanda’s at risk.
Danger and passion collide in a race against the clock. Two CIA agents thrown together by circumstances, both with a deep scar in their past, must join forces to stop a madman’s devious plan. With their lives and hearts on the line they must learn to do the thing they fear the most…trust each other.

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